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 Readership Questionnaire questionss
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Readership Questionnaire questions
Create professional looking Readership Questionnaires, and gather the critical information you need while creating a positive impression of your company or the company(s) you represent.

Consumer Profile Questionnaires
Profile potential consumers of your product to better target your marketing efforts.

Competitor Comparison Questionnaires
Ask potential consumers to compare your product to other competitors in terms of name recognition, features, pricing, etc. WebSurveyMaster's built-in ranking and matrix question types enable you to quickly build an online Questionnaire for competitor comparison.

Panel Feedback Questionnaires
Survey your marketing panel to get insight into their evaluation methods and product opinions.

New Product Evaluation Questionnaires
Test consumer reaction to new products, concepts, and marketing strategies by surveying your target market with an online Questionnaire.

Price Sensitivity Questionnaires
Determine the ideal price points for your products by surveying typical consumers, rather than relying on gut feel alone. An online Questionnaire is a quick and easy way to generate valuable data to inform pricing decisions.

Advertising Effectiveness Questionnaires
Ask your panel or focus group to look at a series of advertisements and choose the one that best gets across your marketing message.

WebSurveyMaster makes it easy to conduct a Readership Questionnaire with our example questions, templates and samples.
Create a Readership Questionnaire in minutes
Add your logo and brand your Questionnaires
Send Questionnaires via email to respondents
Post Questionnaires on the web
Analyze Questionnaire respondent data
Instant graphs and charts
Share results with Third-Parties
Generate stunning PowerPoint reports
Do you know what your Customers, Employees, or Members really think?
 Readership Questionnaire questions Are your Customers Satisfied or Angry? Create  Readership Questionnaire questions
Analyze  Readership Questionnaire questions Are your Members Happy or Sad?  Readership Questionnaire questions Results
Are your Employees Motivated or Bored? Design  Readership Questionnaire questions
WebSurveyMaster can help you determine how they really feel and why
Market research panel Questionnaires Do-it-Yourself Market Research
We make market research quick, easy, and affordable. Through our global partnerships we offer direct access to over 7 million high quality panelists in 50+ countries.

Advanced profiling to target your audience
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Create Questionnaires
Create  Readership Questionnaire questions

Create Readership Questionnaires quickly and easily using just a web browser.

With our powerful instant preview editor, create anything from a simple online Questionnaire to complex multi-page Questionnaires with skip-logic, custom branding, images and videos. Create Questionnaires in just minutes with our easy online Questionnaire tools.
  • Use professionally designed Questionnaire Templates
  • Predefined Presentation Styles & Customization
  • Include Images and YouTube videos
  • Custom Logo's and Branding
  • Choose from extensive collection of Question Types
  • Advanced Question Scoring, Quiz & Test tools
  • Skip Logic
  • Automatic language translation
  • Question Bank
  • Randomize order of Questions and Answer Choices
  • Advanced question layout options
  • Mandatory Questions
  • Answer Validation
  • Password Protection
  • Question & Answer Choice Piping
  • Import / Export Questionnaire definitions
Publish Questionnaires
Publish  Readership Questionnaire questions

Deploy your Readership Questionnaire and track invitations and responses all from within WebSurveyMaster.

You can deploy your Questionnaire to the target audience in many ways; using your own email, embed the Questionnaire in your own web site or blog, get responses from a high quality market research panel, or send and track Questionnaire invitations completely within WebSurveyMaster.
  • Use your own email system to send Invitations
  • Create a simple Weblink on your web site
  • Embed directly into your web page or blog
  • Order a high quality market research panel
  • Have WebSurveyMaster mail out Invitations
  • Custom Welcome and Thank You greetings
  • Redirect to your own web site
  • Customizable User-friendly Questionnaire url link
  • Mobile Phone friendly
  • Instantly show results to participants
  • Import and Manage Email contacts
  • Advanced management of additional Contact information
  • Third party software integration via API
Analyze Questionnaire Results
Analyze  Readership Questionnaire questions

View Readership Questionnaire results in real-time.

Real-time interactive summary graphs and reports plus the ability to drill down to individual responses are all available online. You may also export your Questionnaire data in a variety of formats for offline analysis.
  • View graphical charts in Real-Time
  • Filter and Cross-Tabulate results
  • Graphical Open text Comment Analysis
  • Geo location Filtering and Google map view
  • Browse individual responses
  • Collectively view open ended text results
  • Exclude individual responses
  • Export results to Excel and PowerPoint
  • Custom field filtering and Cross-Tabulation
  • Date Range filtering and Comparison
  • Source filtering and Comparison
  • Share results with Third-Parties