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With WebSurveyMaster you can easily create a survey to obtain whatever information you wish from your customers, employees, students, neighbors, patients, social group or whomever you wish to survey! If you need to know something about the people important to your business or organization then WebSurveyMaster is the place to start.

We make it easy for you to create great looking surveys with our instant preview editor that immediately displays the questions, exactly as they will look to the survey participants. Everything you would like to do, such as ‘Add New Question’, ‘Add New Page’, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘Copy’, ‘Move’ etc. is directly available to you right in the instant preview editor.

We provide over 45 different question styles that have been conveniently organized into 7 easy to use question types. Each question type conveniently defaults to the most common presentation layout, although you can easily change the formatting defaults to suit your needs. You can add images, and YouTube videos directly into the questions, and randomize the order of questions and answer choices.

You can further customize your survey by adding a branding Logo or Banner image, choosing a different visual color theme, creating a customized color theme from scratch, adding introduction and completion messages, redirecting to your website upon completion, as well as advanced skip logic to skip over pages of questions that do not apply to the participant depending on previous answers. E.g. If one of your initial questions is Gender: Male or Female then you can set the skip logic to jump over pages that contain questions for a specific gender.
For our Premium level members, you can hide all WebSurveyMaster branding links and marketing messages. You can even use your own domain name e.g. ''

Build an entirely new survey from scratch, copy and edit one of your existing surveys, use one of our built in professionally designed templates or import from a survey definition file. With WebSurveyMaster we are confident that you will be able to easily and intuitively create great surveys that meet your needs to collect and analyze your information.

Create Surveys from scratch

If you already know the questions you want to ask, simply create a new blank survey and start adding your questions. Don’t have time to complete your entire survey all at once? No problem! You can create as many or as few questions as you have time for now and save your survey to come back to later.

Create Surveys by Copying one of your Existing Surveys

Need a new survey that is the same or similar to one you already have. Save time by simply copying an existing survey you have already created and simply modify the headers, questions, answers, add new questions or remove a few of the ones you no longer need. Great for sending out similar surveys to different population bases (perhaps you just need to change the headers and titles) or the same survey at different time intervals or maybe it’s time for the regular quarterly or annual survey but you want to make a few modifications to it. It’s easy with WebSurveyMaster – simply copy an existing survey, give it a new name, edit and save it!

Create Surveys from our selection of Professionally Designed Templates

Create the survey you need by starting from one of our Professionally Designed Templates! We have a great selection of existing templates that cover the most common survey topics, to get you started with your survey. Use our template library to preview all the details. Just copy it, name it, edit as needed and save it! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send us a request to add a new template to our next update release and we’ll do our best to accommodate your viable template request.

Create Surveys by Importing a survey definition file

We allow anybody to export a survey to a survey definition file, which contains everything about the survey: pages, questions, skip logic etc. These definition files can then be shared with other members and imported directly into your account to create a new survey.

New!   Question Bank

We have now added a question bank to our survey editor that allows you to add questions to your survey from the following sources: Pre-configured generic question types, business area specific questions, any of our professionally designed templates, any of your existing surveys, any of your team members' surveys.

New!   Use your own custom domain name and hide all WebSurveyMaster branding links and marketing messages

For our Premium level members, you can hide our end of survey marketing message. You can even use your own domain name e.g. '' to make it look like the survey is hosted entirely by your company.
For our Ultimate level members, you can hide the small 'Powered by WebSurveyMaster' branding link at the bottom of the survey page.

New!   Quizzes, Tests, and Survey Scoring

Our powerful scoring tools allow you to create quizzes and tests ranging from the most basic student homework quiz or embedded web site quiz, to training course exams, to complex psychological or medical questionnaires with derived conclusions and recommendations.

New!   Automatic language translation

If your target audience uses more than one language you can simply add automatic language translation into 59+ languages. The survey participant sees the survey in their desired language, and you see the results in your language.

Publish Surveys
publish free online web Survey software tools
Publishing your surveys with WebSurveyMaster is easy and intuitive. Surveys can be conducted by sending an email to the intended participants (via WebSurveyMaster or your own email system), you can paste a link to the survey on your own web site, or embed the survey directly into your web page or blog. You can even conduct a market research study with high quality panelists.

We provide many options to control how the survey is conducted that protect the integrity of the survey results, from limiting the responses to one per computer or email recipient, to password protecting the survey and automatically closing it at a future point in time. Our publication Wizard guides you through the process of selecting the options that best suit your needs.

If you choose to send out email invitations directly from WebSurveyMaster, we provide many options to manage the email distribution lists; from a fully functional address book, to many ways of importing your address lists.

Email invitations are fully customizable, and further more we give you the ability to store unlimited custom data for each recipient, so email invitations can be personalized, for example with the recipient name.

Our email message center provides extensive tracking and follow up options, from scheduling delivery of survey invitation emails at a future date in time, to automatic reminder notifications if the participant has not completed the survey by a specific date.

Link to your survey online

Direct your survey participants to your survey using a link in an email, on your website or blog site, using a link from Facebook or published in printed material. We provide you with the links and html code to do whatever you need.

New!   Embed the survey in your web page or blog, and instantly show graphical results

Embedding the survey directly into your web page or blog, makes it appear as though the survey form itself is displaying directly from your web site, so respondents will not need to click on a hyperlink or open a new window to fill out the survey form. You can instantly show the graphical results when the participant completes the survey.

New!   Do-it-Yourself Market Research

We make market research quick, easy, and affordable, with 24/7 access to high quality online samples. Through our global partnerships we offer direct access to over 7 million high quality panelists in 50+ countries. We put the control of the project in the hands of you the customer. You can refine the sample with Advanced profiling choices, and detailed respondent demographic information is automatically included Free for use within our analysis tools.
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E-mail Survey Invitations from WebSurveyMaster

Email surveys to your survey population directly from within WebSurveyMaster (using our email servers, or your own SMTP email server). Create a personalized email distribution list, write your email, preview then send to your participants, it couldn’t be easier. This approach has the additional benefit that we can track which participants have responded, allowing follow up emails and enhanced survey results analysis using participant custom data.

Analyze Survey Results
Analyze free online web Survey software tools
So now you have conducted your survey, you need to make sense of the survey results. WebSurveyMaster survey results analysis is second to none! WebSurveyMaster will sort, filter, chart, graph and present your data exactly as you would like to see it. We display instant graphical results for all questions, while allowing you to view all the answers for, say, an individual participant, or perhaps view everybody’s open ended comments for an individual question all at once.

Need to create and download slides for a presentation? We support not only Microsoft PowerPoint, but any presentation software that accepts the open office industry standard PPTX format. However you wish to see your information, it’s easy with WebSurveyMaster! Simply download the WebSurveyMaster results analysis slides to your computer and you’re ready to present your analyzed information at the click of a button. Of course, once you have your survey slides downloaded, you are free to enhance your presentation by customizing our slides or by adding more of your own. You will have professional results quickly and easily. It’s that simple with WebSurveyMaster! If you need to download your data into spreadsheet, we support not only Microsoft Excel, but any spreadsheet software that accepts the open office industry standard XLSX format.

Results filtering

Want to know how a specific subset of your survey population responded? It is just the click of a button away with WebSurveyMaster results filtering. For example, you may wish to see how your participants responded to certain questions based on gender, age or other demographic information. Perhaps you are interested in your data by specific product or price range or any other specific detail. Perhaps you even want to combine these factors to see results by specific demographic and specific product etc. The choice is yours. Whatever it is you want to see WebSurveyMaster does it all by displaying the graphical results for all questions instantly on one page!

New!   Graphical Open Text Comment Analysis

When you have 1000's of responses, open text comment questions can be difficult to quantify. WebSurveyMaster provides a graphical view of the most commonly used words across all responses to a question, so that you can quickly and easily understand the most common answers. When the open text comment analysis is combined with filtering, your will be able to understand the most common answers for subsets of your results. E.g. What were the most common answers for females, or for a specific income range.

Graphing and Charting

WebSurveyMaster will chart your results based on whatever criteria you would like. Use filters to customize your results and charts. Several different graphing options are available including bar and column charts, and pie and doughnut charts. WebSurveyMaster will also publish your results however you want to see it. You tell it what to do and WebSurveyMaster delivers it just like you need and want it!

New!   Geographic location

Geographic location is now recorded for all survey participants. This geo location information can be used within the analysis tools to filter responses by country, region, or city. Responses can be viewed on a Google map, and geo location information is displayed when viewing individual survey responses and included in the Excel export.


Need a presentation in a hurry? No problem. WebSurveyMaster will create presentation slides in industry standard format at the touch of a button. When you have filtered your questions and adjusted the charts just the way you want them, simply download the slides to PowerPoint or equivalent software and you’ll be ready to go. Of course, you can enhance your presentations by adding slides of your own and by editing your data slides to customize then for your specific presentation. Whether you decide to customize the presentation or not, you will have a professional presentation of your survey results ready to use.


Need to download your survey results to manipulate in a spreadsheet? That’s easy too with WebSurveyMaster. Identify the data you require and WebSurveyMaster will download it straight into your spreadsheet for you. No need for laborious data entry! Your data is loaded simply and accurately and is ready to use!