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Do-it-Yourself Market Research
We make market research quick, easy, and affordable, with 24/7 access to high quality online samples. Through our global partnership with OpinionHUB we offer direct access to over 7 million high quality panelists in 50+ countries. We put the control of the project in the hands of you the customer. You can refine the sample with Advanced profiling choices, and detailed respondent demographic information is automatically included Free for use within our analysis tools.

New! Add your own custom question(s) to screen out unwanted respondents e.g. Are you a vegetarian? or Do you use Facebook? If the respondent does not fit the profile you are looking for, they can be screened out and you pay nothing.

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How can I use this
Ordering a market research study is easy and completely integrated into our online survey system
  • Create the survey questions just like any normal survey, or select one of our professionally designed templates
  • Demographic data is automatically loaded for each respondent, no need to ask those questions within your survey
  • When publishing the survey select the sample size and profiling criteria
  • We take care of distributing the survey invitations to potential panelists
  • Analyze the results using our advanced analysis tools

Having a smart pool of people answering your questions is key.
  • Panels are built from databases of leading media brands so panelists have high levels of engagement
  • Built-in industry standard sampling procedures to quarantine, detect duplicates, blend panels and eliminate source bias
  • Full compliance with ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO and MRA&ARF quality standards

We allow you to conduct your own market research at a fraction of the cost of full service market research firms
  • No set up, development, and project management fees
  • You only pay for completed surveys
  • Adjust sample size and profiling options to suit your needs and budget

Instant deployment after quality check, Results start coming in immediately and depending and requested sample size the project will be completed within days.
  • Price is quoted instantly and survey deployed in minutes
  • Get answers in days, 24/7, anywhere
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