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Recent Improvements

Spanish & French Language Site
We are happy to announce that a Spanish & French language version of our site is now available.

Automatically translate your survey into multiple languages.
If your target audience uses more than one language you can now simply add automatic language translation into 59+ languages. The survey participant sees the survey in their desired language, and you see the results in your language.

Quizzes, Tests, and Survey Scoring
We have added powerful scoring tools that allow you to create quizzes and tests ranging from the most basic student homework quiz, to training course exams, to complex psychological or medical questionnaires with derived conclusions and recommendations. To get detailed information on how to setup and use Survey Scoring view our knowledge base article Click Here

Team Collaboration
Team collaboration is a Premium level feature that allows you to share surveys, publications and results between team members, as well as color themes and banner images. Each team member has complete control over who can view and update their surveys, and each side of the team relationship can be different e.g. A team member may give you update permission to their surveys, but you do not have to share anything with them. To get detailed information on Team Collaboration view our knowledge base article Click Here

Do-it-Yourself Market Research
Through our global partnerships we now offer direct access to over 7 million high quality panelists in 50+ countries.
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