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Software Evaluation
Sample mode - Required questions are not validated
Software Evaluation

Questions prefixed with an * are required
*1. What is your level of experience using software
much experiencesome experiencelittle experienceno experience
Experience using similar software for your needs
Experience using our software for your needs
*2. Please tell us about your experience using our software
very easy/intuitivereasonably easy/manageablesomewhat difficult/not intuitivevery difficult
Ease of data entry
Ease of data manipulation
Ease of producing reports
Ease of reading reports
3. Please comment on the user-friendliness of our software
*4. Please rate the time requirements for training and support the software
Time required for data entry training
Time required for data entry
Time required for software training
Time required for software support
*5. Did you attend a training session
6. If you attended training please provide the following information:
Where was your training?
When was your training?
Who was your instructor?
*7. Please rate the following aspects of your training
Organization of the training session
Duration of the training session
Content of the training session
Quality of the training session
Usefulness of the training session
Instructor Knowledge
Instructor Professionalism
Handout materials were useful
Questions were answered satisfactorily
Please comment here as necessary:
*8. What is your overall opinion of the following aspects of the software
Data entry
Ease of use
Meets requirements
Meets expectations
9. Please comment on any aspect, positive or negative, that you feel would be helpful for us to know.


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