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Customer Satisfaction - Customer Service
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Customer Satisfaction - Customer Service

Questions prefixed with an * are required
1. On what date did you contact customer service?
2. Who did you speak to? (if known)
*3. In what way did you contact customer service?
4. How many minutes did you wait to talk to a customer service representative?
*5. Why did you contact customer service?
*6. Were you satisfied with your customer service experience?
*7. Please rate your customer service representative in the following areas:
Very satisfactorySatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery Unsatisfactory
Polite, courteous, professional
Spoke clearly and understandably
Knowledgable about my questions/problems
Able to resolve my questions/problems
Followed up with my questions/problems
8. If you would like to comment further on your customer service experience, please do so here:


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