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Event Planning Attendee Survey
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Event Planning Attendee Survey

We’re glad you’ve expressed an interest in our upcoming event. So that you can get everything you want from this event, please share your thoughts with us in the following survey. Results will be evaluated and the majority preference will be taken into strong consideration for the planning of the event.

Questions prefixed with an * are required
*1. For what purposes will you be attending this event?
*2. What type of venue/location would you prefer for the event?
*3. What day(s) of the week would you prefer for the event?
*4. Do you have a preference on the time of day for the event?
*5. How interested would you be in having a keynote/guest speaker?
*6. If dinner is included as part of the event, which type of meal do you prefer?
*7. If entertainment is provided as part of the event, what type of entertainment do you prefer?
*8. Would you like to bring a guest to this event?


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