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New Product Concept Evaluation
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New Product Concept Evaluation

Please take a few moments to read and review the description and scetches of our proposed product; then, give us your feedback in a brief survey. When you click Submit, you will be automatically registered in a drawing for a $100 Gift Card.

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Add your new product description here and optionally include one or more images and YouTube videos to convey as best as possible the characteristics of your new product.
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Sample Video
*1. Please rate the following features on how important they are to you
Very ImportantImportantNot very ImportantIrrelevant
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 4
Feature 5
*2. Have you used any of the following similar products in the past
3. What do you like most about our new product?
4. What do you like least about our new product?
*5. Which of the following benefits is most useful to you
*6. Overall, how interested are you in buying this product if it were available?
*7. Other than the product itself, which of the following would most influence you when deciding to buy a new product like this?


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