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Product Pricing
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Product Pricing

Please take a few moments to read and review the description and images of our proposed product; then, give us your feedback in a brief survey. When you click Submit, you will be automatically registered in a drawing for a $100 Gift Card.

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Add your new product description here and optionally include one or more images and YouTube videos to convey as best as possible the characteristics of your new product.
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*1. How often do you purchase [Enter your type of product here]?
*2. About what price would you expect to see this product offered for?
*3. At what price would the product start to look so cheap that it could not possibly be of good quality?
*4. At what price would the product start to look to expensive?
5. What extra features or add-ons would you consider paying extra for?
6. What do you like most about our new product?
7. What do you like least about our new product?
*8. Overall, how interested are you in buying this product if it were available?
*9. How would you prefer to purchase this product?


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