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Sample SAT Type Math Quiz
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Sample SAT Type Math Quiz

Improve your SAT scores by becoming familiar with the types of questions frequently asked

Questions prefixed with an * are required
*1. The area of a circle 6 meters in diameter exceeds the combined areas of a circle 4 meters in diameter and a circle 2 meters in diameter by how many square meters?
*2. If @ is defined for all positive numbers a and b by a @ b = 2ab - b2, then 5 @ 2 =
*3. Telephone calls cost 20 cents per minute for the first 15 minutes and 10 cents per minute thereafter. Which of the following represents the amount of money needed (in dollars) to talk x minutes (x greater than 15)?
*4. What is the total amount of your purchases if you bought 5 shirts at $m and 2 more shirts at 50% off.
*5. If a small cube (side=2) is filled twice and poured into a larger cube (side=4), what will be the height, in inches, of the water in the larger cube?
*6. Which of the following equations gives the relationship between S and T in the table below?
*7. Which of the following proportions is correct if 12 = pq ?
*8. A car travels across Texas m miles at the rate of t miles per hour. How many hours does the trip take?
*9. What is the value of (x + y)(x + y) if xy = -3 and x2 + y2 = 10?
*10. The vertices of rectangle ABCD are A(-1,0), B(2,0), C(s, t), and D(-1,4). How long is diagonal AC?


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