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ADHD 10-18 years old
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ADHD 10-18 years old

The following is a brief questionnaire for parents of children who may suspect that their child has ADHD. Remember, this is only a questionnaire, not a complete diagnostic assessment tool. We adamantly recommend you to seek professional evaluation before making any determinations about treatment decisions.

Answer these questions keeping in mind that you want to compare your son or daughter with what you feel the average child his or her age is experiencing. For example, on the question, "Is your son or daughter inattentive or easily distracted," think about how your son or daughter would compare to peers in his or her age group. Also consider the duration of the symptoms. If the symptoms have been taking place for less than 6 months this could be a sign of another problem such as depression, anxiety or just stress in general. Please consider these factors as you choose rate your child.

Questions prefixed with an * are required
*1. Answer the questions below in refernce to your child
Does not applyOccasionally trueOften trueVery often true
Is easily distracted or inattentive
Child or teachers complain about inability to pay attention in classroom setting
Is fidgety, taps feet/hands, squirms in seat
Is disorganized at home/school to the point of causing problems
Only pays attention if he/she is very interested
Has a lack of attention which causes problems in his/her life
Restless or always eager to "get to the next thing" unless playing video/computer games
Have difficulty waiting his/her turn, interrupts others
Has trouble following instructions or fails to complete work (not due to intelligence or active defiance towards authority)
Easily frustrated in efforts, will want to give up too easily


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