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Teacher Feedback K-12
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Teacher Feedback K-12

Please complete the questions below in respect to your current school.

Questions prefixed with an * are required
*1. How difficult it is to get the resources you need to teach?
*2. How safe do you feel teaching?
*3. How much pressure do you feel from parents to change their children's grades?
*4. How much support does the administration give to the teaching staff?
*5. How much support do the parents with children give to the teaching staff?
*6. How useful is the feedback the principal gives you?
*7. How reasonable are the expectations for student achievement?
*8. How much attention is given to standardized tests?
*9. How well do teachers collaborate with each other?
*10. How much attention is given to your professional growth?
*11. How much financial support is given for your professional growth?
*12. Overall, how satisfied are you with the teaching experience at this school?
13. If you have any additional concerns or comments about anything within your teaching environment please let us know.


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