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Course Evaluation
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Course Evaluation

Please take a few moments of your time to complete this end of course survey so that we can better serve our students in the future.

Thank you for you time. We appreciate your valuable feedback.

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Overall, this is an excellent course.
Overall, I learned a great deal from this instructor.
The instructor related to students in ways that promoted mutual respect.
The instructor told us what we could expect to learn as a result of taking this course.
The instructor provided adequate opportunities for questions and discussion during class time.
The instructor was available to students outside of class.
The instructor provided useful feedback on my progress in the course.
The instructor stimulated my interest in the course.
As the course progressed the instructor showed how each topic fit into the course as a whole.
Overall, the instructor’s explanations were clear and understandable.
The instructor’s use of teaching technology (e.g., WebCT, audio-visual presentations, PowerPoint presentations, email) was effective and appropriate.
The general climate in this course was good for learning.
Expectations for learning in this course were clearly communicated.
There was a collaborative atmosphere in this course.
The evaluation methods used in this course were fair and appropriate.
The learning activities were well integrated into the course.
There was close agreement between the stated course objectives and what was actually covered.
The requirements of the course (projects, papers, exams) were adequately explained.
The physical facilities provided for this course were appropriate (e.g. classroom/lab space, structure, furnishings etc).
The course materials (e.g., readings, lecture notes, in-class exercises) contributed to learning the subject matter.
2. If you have any comments about this course please let us know.


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