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Student Satisfaction
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Student Satisfaction

We are interested in obtaining the opinions of students attending this school and are inviting you to participate in a student satisfaction survey.

Please take a moment of your time to tell us what you think. Your opinions are highly valued and will remain confidential.

Thank you!

Questions prefixed with an * are required
*1. How satisfied are you overall with your education experience at our school?
*2. How satisfied are you overall with student life at our school?
*3. How do you perceive the following:
excellentgoodfairpoorvery poor
academic reputation of the school
value for money of the education offered
*4. How would you rate the following aspects of your eductional experience:
excellentgoodfairpoorvery poor
career counseling
financial aid services
financial planning services
quality of teaching faculty
accessibility of teaching faculty
academic advise
course advise
course selections
course availability
academic level of the courses


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